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Web Summit 2015, here we come! The beer is on us.

Web Summit 2015 – Where The Tech World Meets


IT? – Check!

Startups? – Check!

Ireland? – Check!

Pub crawls? – Hic…Check!

Being in love with all of the above mentioned things, it didn’t take long for use to conclude – “you know what, this Web Summit 2015 thingy looks like something we should visit!”.

And here we are, packing our stuff and booking flights. What else are you going to do on a rainy Novembers week?

Web Summit 2015 is this year’s  of the famous Web Summit tech conference that quickly rose to prominence as one of leading tech conferences worldwide. If that’s not worth visiting, I don’t know what is. More than a thousand speakers will gather to share their knowledge on various tech-based topics. It is a great opportunity to be surrounded with industry leaders and experts and a true motivation to grow even more.

Web Summit 2015 – Where FenixApps Meets The Tech World.

FenixApps was formed in July 2012 and quickly became one of Croatia’s most renowned development agencies focused on developing applications for Social media. As of 2015, we decided to make a big leap forward and now we are making a sharp turn towards becoming a full-fledged custom development agency. Our clients thus far include Disney, Microsoft, Renault, Alpro, Pepsi and many more who have recognized our expertise in making servicable web-based solutions that helped them boost their sales and promote their brands.

Although we cover a variety of technologies, our main focus is on Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, Redis and Create.js. This is where we feel the most comfortable and where we truly shine. Whether we are talking about apps or games, we will make your business stand out. Or, as we like to say – enough is not enough.

If you are interested in cooperation, or you want to talk to us, or simply want to watch the sun rise from the pub together with us – contact us. The beer is on the house 😉.

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